Runny Noses, Festive Films and Homemade Soup

This week myself and my monsters have been unwell. Each of us to a different degree.
I have a killer sore throat and would do/try anything to get rid of it.
The Mr has sore skin, sore head, basically a sore everything.
The monsters have got bad colds and even worse runny noses!
So all in all we are a cranky house at the minute. Even the run up to Christmas isn’t cheering us up.

While the Mr has to go to work (bless his wee work boots) we had a huge duvet day on the couch. Filled with Christmas films such as Arthur Christmas, the flight of the reindeer and on and on.
I am hoping by the weekend that my symptoms have very kindly beggared off as I am doing a 12 hour stint at my work on Sunday. (Thinking of the £££)

Along with the DVDs we have cleared a big pot of homemade lentil, guaranteed to make you feel that bit better for a little while. I’ve had to make a second pot for tomorrow!

Junior is at nursery, but I took him out today as he was quite poorly and up through the night. This along with Lolly doing the same, I literally seen every hour on the clock 😦 this makes for a grumpy mummy!

So I am kindly hoping and praying that we are all back to our normal happy selves soon.

Hope you are all well! X


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