Are You Ready?? The 2 week countdown

That’s us on the 2 week countdown to the Big Day 🙂 And in our wee house we are so excited.
I have all our presents in and wrapped, sitting in the loft patiently awaiting Christmas Eve.
All that’s left to do is get the last of the Christmas dinner in, I’m doing that this week when the Mr gets paid. I have the Christmas dinner all planned :).

Broccoli and Stilton soup and/or homemade chicken liver pâté to start.
3 bird roast with all the trimmings you can think of – pigs in blankets, my dads stuffing, roast tatties, lots of veg, tattie croquettes, gravy and much more 🙂
Christmas pudding and Christmas cupcakes to finish. And not forgetting the cheese and biscuits later on.
Come 8 o’clock I will be on the couch stuffed to the brim!

And once the monsters are in bed, there will be copious amount of wine/beer etc drunk no doubt.
I won’t be drinking too much as I am one of those mental people you see leaving their house at 5am Boxing Day to hit the Next sale!
My sister thinks I have lost the plot!

My plan for this following week is to have everything in, ready for the big day. Next week is a busy festive fun filled week for us. I want to be able to enjoy the few days before Christmas Day.

Do you have much to do? What are your plans in this festive run up?



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