Meal Plan Monday 10 December 2012


Last week I never done my meal plan, I went all rebellious and played it by ear.
But you know, it never worked. I was at a loss! I never thought it would have that much impact on me. But I love being organised and it helps me keep within my weekly food shop budget.
Last week there were the odd days where I had nothing prepared and went to the shops to spend a small fortune.
So from now on I vow to stick to my Meal Plan Monday! Pinkie promise lol.

So here’s our weeks dinners.

Monday – lentil soup and crusty bread (a firm favourite here)

Tuesday – chicken fried rice

Wednesday – omelette and salad

Thursday – stovies with Joes pork and mustard sausages

Friday – smoked haddock kedgeree (fish from Delish Fish )

Saturday – chilli and wedges

Sunday – steak pie, potatoes and veg

Looking forward to it already!

Happy Monday x

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting the meal planning Monday.
Pop along and have a look 🙂 and let her know who sent you.


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