Yippydada Kitty Change Bag

I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous change bag from the lovely people at Yippydada.
I couldn’t wait for the bag to arrive. As looking on their website, these are not your average change bags.
And when it arrived I was certainly not disappointed!
The bag was stunning!
I was even sent a gorgeous clutch bag too.

20121205-202315.jpg 20121205-203314.jpg

I think you will agree with me that these are far more superior than the normal run of the mill ones you get! They do their job, but I would much rather own one of these. They do the same job, but are stylish and trendy. And DON’T look like a change bag, fantastic!

I also prefer the inside of the Yippydada bag, it’s gorgeous & silky & so many pockets, I do like to be organised. My Kitty bag has 4 different sized pouches inside, as well as the zipper pocket.


You will see from the above picture, that while I have nappies (4 to be exact lol), wipes, the matching change mat, my purse and nappy sacks, that there is still a lot of room in the bag. I would easily be able to fit a few more extras, snacks, drinks, etc, in it.

I’d never really thought about it before, but the key thing for me in a change bag is space & this certainly didn’t disappoint!

Here is a sneaky video peak into the Kitty bag.

When I have been out and about, shops, playgroups, nursery runs, typical mummy filled days, my bag has drawn attention. My neighbour, who adores bags and always seems to have a new one, asked me where I got my new bag and where could she get one! And at Lolly’s playgroup this morning, another Mum said “I love your handbag”. This made me smile

So thank you to the free change bags that we receive with our buggies or from Boots, but your change bags are no longer needed here.

Hello Yippydada 🙂

So go on, take a look at Yippydada, you know you want to 😉 The kind folks have even gave us a 20% discount off the products. Just type in followmyline at the checkout. The code is available until 20 December 2012.

And to top it off we are running a competition with them to win a free bag from their range!
To enter, just click on the Rafflecopter link below, and follow the isntructions 🙂 Good luck x

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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