Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday (Monday) and I am so excited for the Big Day.
I’ve went against the tradition of “12 days before…” and done it 22 days before. I can’t quite believe that I have, as I have always, always said nope can’t put it up until the 13th.
But this time I’ve just thought och why not? Lets get festive.


The monsters loved every minute of helping put the baubles on, junior even help his dad put the tree together. Lolly helped to start with but then ended up just passing the branches over.
Now I wait until the tree is made up, and the tinsel and lights are on, then add my touch of baubles, etc and the star. I’ve spent many an hour (or 5) perfecting the art of putting lights on, only for me to get annoyed and just abandon it. When the Mr just needs to literally throw it on and it looks good!


I have been undecided in the chocolate decoration department this year, we normally do have them on, but between Lolly and the dog, I think my tree would be pulled down within the first few hours if we had, so we left them off.
I would have also loved a real Christmas tree, but the price of them?! Jeezo they cost a small fortune! And knowing my luck dougal dog would think its the perfect peeing post!


So I might have broken the ancient tradition, the rebel that I am, but you know what? The smiles on the monsters face made it all worthwhile. And it’s made me that bit more excited about Christmas, if that was possible!




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