Frugal Friday

Money is a wee bitty tight in our household just now. What with Lollys birthday, my sisters 30th in December, Christmas and wedding savings, we are needing to tighten our spending belt.
There are a lot of us doing the same at the moment, maybe not for the same reasons, but trying to all the same.

I thought I would give some of my top tips that have helped us save a little bit of cash along the way 🙂

Meal Planning
Now I have done this in the past, not every week but now and then. And it has been since I started this blog that I have stuck to my meal planning and I have noticed a difference in my weekly shop spend. As I know what I am going for rather than aimlessly walking about the shop for ideas. And buying items I don’t need along the way! This is one tip I’d definitely recommend.

If you can, always make your own. Whether it be soup, burgers, sauces etc. Not only is it cheaper, but it tastes a lot nicer too!
I love homemade food and it fits in with my Slimming World eating plan. You also know exactly what it going your food!

Buy in Bulk
We are Makro and Costco members and I go to these once a month to stock up. Mainly on non perishable items such as washing powder and toilet roll. Costco have a great buy of washing powder. Their own make just over £15. I bought in March and I still have about 5-6 washes left before it runs out. The good thing about it is that it’s versatile aswell. So can use it to wash the floors etc.

I hope you found these useful.
What’s your best money saving tips??


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