Lolly is 2!!!

Today Lolly is 2!!
Can someone please tell me how on earth that happened??
Where has my baby went??

It doesn’t seem like 2 years ago I had my gorgeous little princess. And now she’s been replaced with a 2 year old princess monster.
In fairness it’s not been since she turned 2, she’s been a mini diva for about 6 months.
Terrible twos most definitely arrived early in this house!


Lolly is a mummy’s girl, well that is until she hears daddy’s key in the look, then I seem to just disappear.

She goes to a fantastic little ballet class Babyballet and she loves it. A right proper girls activity.
But, stick a pair of overalls on her and send her to the yard with daddy and she’s equally as happy.


We are having a little cupcake decorating party for her with a few of her friends.
My plan, whether it goes accordingly or not, is to cover the kitchen in lining paper and put the cakes in one bit, buttercream in another and sprinkles in another. Then tidying up is just picking the paper up and putting in the bin.
Monsters will all be happy and tired and go to bed leaving mummy to have a cheeky glass of wine to unwind after having a house full of monsters.
Well that’s the plan! Fingers (and toes) crossed for me and my sanity!).

Happy 2nd birthday Lolly x x


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