I Think I Need a Bigger Car – Guest Post

This lovely blog comes from Happy Go Mummy
Happy reading x

Today I fell out of my car. Yes, you read that correctly and may well snigger but I tell you, it hurt! I put a peaceful sleeping baby into his car seat, retreated quietly from the car only to get my foot stuck, fall backwards, bum landing on the pavement, leg still inside. A nice image I know! Thankfully, with bubs asleep and my friend tending to her daughter, no one saw! But she did hear a bump, yep that was me! My leg somehow crashed into something metal and I am now sporting a huge lump and a bruise. Not good.

This isn’t the first time this has happened though. Oh no, the other day I took JB to the supermarket. Whilst taking him out of the car the same thing happened only this time I had a baby in my arms! My some miracle I managed to regain balance and catch JB by his leg! And another time I had the car door open and whilst I was strapping JB in, the bloody door shut, trapped my leg and another bruise appeared!

This is the problem with a three door car. Before the days of JB we had an old car, which was going fine until one day it started smoking from the dash board, you know, like it does! We used it in the scrappage scheme and got ourselves a lovely, new, shiny one. The only thing was there was a big waiting list, it was winter and we were car-less, except the salesman kindly showed us a nice blue car we could have straight away. Ooooh a new car, now, no cold bus stops, erm yes please! We didn’t much consider the long term responsibilities of the car.

Fast forward three years and now junior is here. We would love to take him on holiday but can’t fit everything we need in the car. To put the pushchair in the boot the following happens: fold down bar on pushchair, detach seat unit from chassis, fold seat unit, place on floor, fold chassis, detach wheel, place chassis and random wheel into boot, take seat unit and squash on top. This leaves about one bag for lifes amount of space in the boot. Before the pushchair I could carefully place six bags for life, although it takes some skill to do that!
So the dilemma, do we sell the car and buy a bigger one or be happy we have a car and stick with this one? Or get rid of it completely and save a tonne of money? Although saying that it’d probably fall off the bus or something. My worry is this car is under warranty for two more years and a new (not new new but new to us) car could break down on the way home! Oh if only I had a crystal ball, oh I did see one in the pound shop, I wonder if it works?! 😉


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