Cleaning Out The Fridge

I recently viewed a fantastic blog post over at A Thrifty Mrs about keeping your fridge organised. It was a fantastic read and I declared to myself that I would follow her tips and see how it goes.

So off I went with my Bicarb and white vinegar 🙂

Our fridge didn’t look as dirty as it actually was, maybe that was to do with the mountains of food kept in there! However, I cracked on, I was a woman on a mission.
It took me a good hour to give it a proper going over. But it looks a million times better 🙂

Next on the list was to go through the food.
Wasn’t too bad, just a couple tubs of cottage cheese and creme Fraiche that had to be thrown out.
The rest were all put back in their places, raw meat on the bottom, cold meat and cheese on the middle. Yogurts, yogurt drinks, jars, medicines on the top.

I took a step back and admired my work. Fair pleased with myself and here’s to having a clean and clear fridge helping me on my way to saving ££££ on my food shops.

Go and visit A Thrifty Mrs and look at her blog post about this.
Tell her who sent you.

Happy fridge cleaning x

Ps. Where do you keep your ketchup? Fridge or cupboard??


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