The Dougal Dog

In our monster house, we are all animal lovers. Always have been.
Ever since I was a teeny tiny little monster, we have always been surrounded by pets. From cockatiels, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, fish, hamsters and dogs.
There has never been any doubt that my 2 would have a pet or two.
What childhood is complete without a pet of some kind??

We have a crazy pet dog – Dougal dog (or noodle). He is a Jack Russell, and turned the ripe old age of 10 this year.
He’s a fiesty wee character, and by heck does he let the monsters away with a lot. Ear pulling, tail stump pulling, although that was when they were younger!



There is the completely adorable side to the bond between the monsters and Dougal. Countless times I have seen them all cuddles on the couch together and when they are poorly Dougal curls up beside them.

The downside to pets?
When they have to go and play on the “magical farm” 😦
How do you explain that to little monsters?
This is the part I’m scared of. That and how I’m going to cope without the Noodle dog.
Hopefully we won’t have to deal with that for a while, as Jack Russell’s can live until 18-20. Or so I am told.


What pets do you have?
How will you tell your minis when the time for your furry member to depart comes?



  1. Oh! we have a geriatric dalmatian who is 15 and has a few issues with her health. We thought we were saying good bye to her a few mnths ago but she sprung back to life and the diagnosis wasn’t what we thought it was going to be. Thankfully.Unlike your dogs breed, ours technically should have died well before now!LOL Every time we take her to the vet , he is amazed by her age… isnt it great how well the children adn the dogs adapt to one another?

    1. Oh no 😦 bless his wee paws. I wonder where the extra spring has came from?
      My friend told me she told her monsters that their doggy was waiting at the rainbow for them. And that’s where he went to.
      It’s a wonderful bond between the monsters and noodle. Magical to see

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