Grandparents. Aren’t they fabulous?
(Well most of them)

We all have them, maybe different names – granny, nana, gran, grandad, pops, grumpa – but they all play a huge part in our lives. Some more than others.

We are lucky enough to have Granny and Grumpa stay a 10 minute walk away (mother and father in law).
If we need a babysitter ASAP they are a quick call and short walk away.
We always visit at least once a week, I believe in having a great bond between them and my monsters and they are very close.
Granny and grumpa, also take Junior and Lolly every 2nd Friday and have done since they were both quite young (Michael 9 months old and Lauren 6 months old). This has helped both of them immensely, if anything happened that I would need to run them up and drop them off without a seconds notice, they wouldn’t be unsettled or upset. In fact, probably the complete opposite they would be loving the adventure of going up!

On the other hand we aren’t so lucky, that my dad – grandad – stays down south a good few hours drive away.
Even though my little old dad stays a fair bit away and we don’t see him as much as the in laws, the monsters bond with him isn’t any lesser than with them.
It could be a bit more special, as they don’t see him that much. And the look on their faces when we visit him or when he comes to us, is priceless.
Because we don’t see him as often as we would all like, the monsters always speak to him on the phone, which they love.
There are times when Lolly has literally threw my phone at me and shouting phone grandad! Little madam!

The monsters have a special bond with granny, grumpa and grandad. Maybe slightly different, but not any less special.

Are your monsters close to granny’s and Grandads?


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  1. My parents live in Canada so we are very thankful for skype. It makes me sad that they aren’t here to see her grow up but like I said, skype helps a heck of a lot. I wish i had thought of it when Thunderpants was just born as the night time feeds were hell and with the time difference I could have used my mum. Husbands family stay close by and my uncle is her adoptive grandparent so I think she gets her fair share 🙂 Like you say though in having your dad stay further away when they do see them it is a magical time 🙂

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