Wedding Bells

Today, I thought I would do a blog about my forthcoming wedding 🙂
I am getting married in 2014, or as I like to say in 20 months as it sounds sooner than 2014!

Myself and the Mr first got together when I was just a young pup (19 to be exact) and we have been together for just over 8 years.
As you know, we have our 2 monsters, Junior and Lolly.
Since falling pregnant with Junior I had been patiently waiting for the Mr to get down on one knee and make an honest woman out of me.
He didn’t. And I still kept on waiting.

I was still waiting after the birth of Lolly.
Until, the 1st January this year.
We had been out celebrating the New year from around 1pm (monsters were at Granny’s) and this happened at about 8pm.
Did he do it because he was drunk?
I don’t know. But I wasn’t waiting around to find out, I said yes straight away. I had waited long enough already!

We decided that we would marry in 2014 as it would give us enough time to save money and also it’s our 10 year anniversary that year, so fairly special.

It taken us forever and a day to decide where to get married. When we finally agreed on a local venue.
The Mining Museum.
And it’s perfect, the space for the ceremony etc is absolutely perfect. It’s part of the local heritage, it’s not a common place to get married. Saying that it is becoming more and more popular. And it’s local.
It won’t take friends and family long to get home (my good friend Jo can just hop over the back fence and she’s nearly home!)

I’m determined not to become a bridezilla. However, I am trying to be organised. I have 90% of things booked, including band, photographer, flowers.
This will help me budget etc, well fingers crossed.

Do you have any tips/advice for planning the wedding?
Or even money saving ideas?
If you do, give me a shout as I need all the help I can get 🙂



  1. I got my wedding dress from the national wedding show, it was an £800 dress and got it for £150! Also don’t get too bogged down with little things, I really worried over some things then didn’t even notice on the day! x

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