MasterChef The Professionals


MasterChef the Professionals hit our screens again last week.
And boy was I excited!
It’s one of my favourite shows, much better than the drivel of X Factor and the likes.
MasterChef is about true cookery talent and is certainly not “fixed”.
I doubt very much that Monica Galetti could reign those facial expressions back!

I think the pairing of Monica and Gregg Wallace is a classic combination.
The looks they give each other, without having to say a word, and they know what each other is thinking, is one of the many reasons I watch.


I love the honest, harsh at times, words Monica gives the chefs, but you know, some of the dishes made I wouldn’t feed my dog. And believe me he would eat anything, he’s not a fussy chap.
When it’s going to be put in front of a magnificent chef like Michel Roux jnr, Monica clearly needs high standards from the chefs.

Monica recently had a nasty backlash on her comments to one chefs dish on Mondays episode. Someone even had the nerve to call her an f*****g bitch.
Now that to me was very harsh, unlike her comments about the dish made.
The dish was certainly not enticing in the look of the lentil purée.
Her words were just honest truth. Unlike the authors of the vicious tweets.


My biggest dream would be to meet the MasterChef Professional team (and John Torode wouldn’t be turned away if he tagged along too!). I’m sure my cooking wouldn’t knock their socks off, maybe my cakes would put a smile on Greggs face though ;). I can but dream.

And now the biggest dilemma of all.
What am I going to do when the series is over???
Answers on a postcard?! 🙂

What’s been your highlight of the series so far?
Do you think Monica is out of line with her comments? Or do you think the chefs should buckle up and take the critiscm?


One comment

  1. I love masterchef! I watch every series. I used to think Monica was a bit hard faced but I have really been enjoying her this series and I think the comments on lentil puree were too kind, it looked revolting!

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