Easy Crispy Turkey

The Hairy Dieters (Bikers) have done it again, and I bet they keep on at it.
They have produced a recipe that’s is simple, fast and really tasty.
Easy crispy chicken, is by far my favourite recipe from their new diet cookbook, followed by their chilli salad bowl.
If, like me, you’re on the Slimming World healthy eating plan, the recipe can be adapted. You need to use your healthy extras to cover your breadcrumbs and Parmesan used in the recipe.


The recipe doesn’t call for expensive fancy ingredients, you will no doubt have the ingredients anyway, as they are fairly basic. The only thing I had to pop out for is the Parmesan cheese.
The recipe is for chicken, because I didn’t have any I just used turkey steaks I had in the freezer.
They were quite chunky so I cut them in half.



Once you have turned your toast into breadcrumbs and mixed with the rest of the dry ingredients, dip your chicken/Turkey into flour, dust off the excess, dip into natural yogurt, making sure it’s covered and roll into the breadcrumb mix.
And hey presto they are done.
All your left to do is pop them in the oven to cook for about 20 minutes.


We had ours with new potatoes, sweetcorn and cabbage.
I had some extra and decided to take them to mummysknee as we had a blogdate and play date.
I think it’s fair to say that I impressed Jo with them 😉
She made a lovely simple salsa to go with it – chopped tomatoes and red onion, crushed garlic and some chilli. It was delicious.

So thank you again Dave and Si for this simple and wonderful recipe.


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