Fishy Friday 9 November 2012

Today’s fish Friday recipe is Tandoori haddock bites.

The recipe is quick and simple to make. Perfect if you’re a busy mummy like me, with 2 little monsters running around my feet!

Once again the source for my perfect haddock is Delish Fish.
The fish is fantastically fresh and tasty and since I started getting my fish from them, I won’t go anywhere else.


I started off by cutting my haddock into bite sized squares.
The great thing with this haddock, there is no skin and there are no bones. Perfect!
The fish chunks were then dipped into egg, then plain flour seasoned with tandoori spices.
I even managed to get Junior to help with this task, although I had to stop him from trying to like his fingers at the end! Somehow I don’t think that would have tasted so nice.


I decided to serve the haddock chunks with some stir fried veg and some chips done in my wonderful Actifry :). It would go great with a nice green salad also.

The haddock didn’t take long to cook, as I said perfect if you haven’t got much time.

The fish chunks went down a treat.
The Mr loved it, the monsters loved it. Ad so did I.
I didn’t put too much tandoori seasoning in as I just wanted to give it a slight flavouring.
If it was just myself and the Mr I would probably add some extra heat into it.

If you want to check out the fresh fish that Delish Fish have to offer just click here and let them know who sent you.


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