The Little Veg Company

You can beat fresh vegetables.
What’s better than fresh vegetables?
Ones that are delivered free to your door and are cheaper than the leading supermarkets.

And that is exactly what The Little Veg company are about.


Once again, I met these guys at the Glasgow Good Food show this year.
Hadn’t heard of them before, so asked what they were all about.
They deliver fresh veg (it is picked within 24 hours of you receiving it!) to your door for free.
There are 3 sizes of boxes, small, medium and large. (We chose the medium box)
You receive fantastic, did I mention Fresh, seasonal veg, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whichever you prefer.
One of the best parts, there’s no contract.
You basically get the box delivered, pay the driver and a few days later the Little Veg co, give you a wee ring and ask how your box is.
If you don’t want it again you just say and that’s it cancelled. No fiddly direct debit set ups! Or cancellation fees or the likes.


I was out when my box came, the Mr was in to get it though.
I was fairly excited when I got a text telling me it came. You can tell I’m getting old, getting excited about a veg box!
And it was fantastic! The veg was so fresh and for my £16 I paid I was delighted with all that I got.



In my box I had:
Vine tomatoes
Baking potatoes
Yellow peppers

Now tell me where you would get all that, for £16 with free delivery and as fresh as that?!
Superb is all I think.

The veg tasted great, the tomatoes were fabulous and juicy, I do love a good tomato.

If you fancy giving The Little Veg co pop along and get some more info.

If ordering let them know where you heard about their fabulous boxes 🙂


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