Bo’ness Car Museum

Every Sunday we try to have a family day.
This is normally the only day we can spend a full afternoon together due to working commitments between myself and The Mr.

A few Sundays ago, we decided to use a Groupon for the Bo’ness Motor Museum.
I’ve never been before, the Mr has, when he was a lot lot younger.


I was looking forward to going as they advertisements saying they had the original Bond cars along with the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car.
The monsters were really looking forward to it. Junior especially as he is like is dad, fascinated with cars.



It was a lot smaller than I expected.
The cars were packed into a couple of rooms and there wasn’t much space between them.


There were other famous film cars there, car from Harry Potter, the Jag from 51st State to name a couple.
Along with a few more Bond cars. And classic cars that hasn’t been in any films, at least I don’t think they had, I don’t tend to watch films for the cars unlike the Mr.

There was also a room upstairs, I say room, more the size of a small bedroom. This had signed books, costumes, outfits celebrities had worn. In my opinion I felt it quite tacky. As it seemed anything that was for sale with an autograph the owner had just bought.


The museum also had a soft play instead that is themed around the children’s film Monsters Inc.
Its not the best soft play we have been to (we have been to a fair few).
Junior and Lolly played for about 30-45 mins before getting bored, which is unusual for them.


The monsters enjoyed our day out there, myself, not so much.
I’m glad I bought the Groupon family ticket for £9 for the visit. As I don’t think it’s worth the normal £18.
Don’t get me wrong, the Mr enjoyed it and loved looking at all the famous cars, whereas I just wandered around as I am not a huge car fan.

For more information head to their page Bo’ness Motor Museum


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