BBC Good Food Show 21 October 2012

BBC Good Food Show is one of the highlights of my year.
I have been going for the last 3 years and think its fantastic and a great day out.


When I first walk in, I am always in awe of how big the hall is and how many different retailers/food producers there are. And then the excitement sets in.

One of my first stops was to the Ochil Fudge pantry.
I could not believe how many types of fudge they had. The servers were friendly and were more than happy to let me try some different kinds before purchasing some. (These will be reviewed in a blog to come)


Another stall that caught my eye was The Kids Cooking company.
My attention went straight there as my monsters love to cook. Their items were great. Any child would love them.
They had aprons to chef hats to cookie cutters to mixing bowls and so on. I got Junior and Lolly a cooking set to add to their Christmas presents.
And they were great value at their show price of £10 each instead of £16.95.


The Little Veg Company were also there. I haven’t seen them before. So was quite interested in what they do.
They delivery fresh farm fruit or veg or both to your door. There are a choice of boxes small, medium and large.
The medium (which I signed up for) is £16 per box and delivery is free.
The produce is picked early hours of the morning you get it delivered, which is amazing! And it’s all locally sourced. Fantastic!
More on this soon as I will blog when I receive my first box.


Last on the agenda for the day was our Supertheatre show of the Hairy Bikers.
I have never seen them live before and was a bit dubious whether I would like them or not. And I absolutely loved them. They were hilarious. And their on stage banter was magic. I am definitely going to see them again at some point.


As I said, I love the good food show, however I always have the same complaint every year
There isn’t enough seating areas do you can sit have lunch or just to take the weight off your feet.
There’s always a mad rush to get a seat when someone vacates it.

So please Good Food show organisers, can you do something about it???

If you want any more information on any of the stalls I’ve mentioned. Here are there links.
The Little Veg Company
Ochil Fudge Pantry
The Kids Cooking Company

When visiting let them know who sent you 🙂


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