Joes Peppered Beef Steak

Have you heard of Joes Sausages before??

I hadn’t until I started my weight loss plan with Slimming World.

Briefly, Joes Sausages are a fantastic company that make burgers, sausages, marinated meats etc,and these are all syn free on the Slimming World plan.

I haven’t tried the whole range, although I am working my way upto that, as the products I have tried so far have been tasty.

The peppered beef steak was no exception to this. It was really peppery but not in the overpowering sense, it was just right.

They came in a vacuum pack (excuse the date on the pack, I had frozen them) and we had 3 good sized steaks without a streak of fat in sight.


I fried them in a pan sprayed with Fry Light (another favourite at SW) and they didn’t take long to cook, we had them medium, so just a few minutes on each side.


They were served with baked potato and some stir fried veg. The next time we have them I am going to cut them into strips and make beef fajitas with them, mmmm. Watch this space đŸ˜‰


The one downside to Joes is the P&P, as I think if it is just one person ordering them the charges are a little bit dear, however, if you order 16 or more packs you receive free delivery. Even then, if it is an order just for 1 person, its a lot of meat to be ordering! Joe’s could try lowering the minimum order amount for free P&P.

I order mine through my local SW group, so personally don’t pay any P&P, and in all honestly if I wasn’t ordering through group I dont think I would order.

Just visit Joe’s Sausages to have a look at their tasty range, and another one to try is their Chinese Chicken


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