Meal Planning Monday – 15 October 2012



This is my first Meal Plan blog, I normally do a weekly plan as part of my Slimming World diet.  I find it really does help you to keep track of your healthy eating (if following the plan) and helps you use your cupboard ingredients up.


Monday – Warm Hake and Rigatoni Salad.  I haven’t tried this recipe before and am really looking forward to it.

Tuesday – Joes Peppered Beef Steak with baked potato and salad.  I absolutely love this peppered beaf, and Mr N cant get enough of it either.  One of the good points is that it is syn free so perfect for followers of SW

Wednesday – I have s few pork medallions in the freezer, so will be having some sort of pork dish, unsure what yet.  Any suggestions let me know

Thursday – Homemade Chilli and baked sweet potato.  Another favourite in the house, the monsters love it over sweet potato wedges and cheese sprinkled on top

Friday – Goan Fish Curry, this is another newbie recipe, and looking forward to it.  We all love a curry in the house

Saturday – Chicken and Tomato pasta bake.  This is a make up as you go along recipe, using up fridge and cupboard ingredients

Sunday – We are going to the BBC Good Food Show in Glasgow, so unsure of what dinner will be that night


Thanks to Mrs M for hosting Meal Planning Monday, take a trip to her page for more great ideas and recipes.

Delish Fish is the supplier of my fantastic fish, recommended by a great friend.  Have a look at what they have to offer and let them know who sent you.

The healthy eating plan I follow is Slimming World, go and check them out and see what the pan is about and get some great recipes while you are there.

A HUGE thanks to mummysknee, for pointing me on the blogging direction, couldn’t have done it without her help.


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